Tasty Dog in the Kingdom
Temples, Traffic and Tasty Dogs: A few days in the life of Cambodia

Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life, #1.  Welcome to the first podcast of Delilah Marie, giving just an overview, just a flavor, of life in Siem Reap, Cambodia, covering the weather (as in hot and rainy or hot and dusty), why it’s best not to have a black dog in Cambodia and in what conditions does Delilah Marie live, without really covering what would make some tall, blonde woman from Boston want to live in Siem Reap of all places? 

www.tastydoginthekingdom.com or questions and comments to tastydog@gmail.com

The opening music, coming from the archives of Cambodia Living Arts Master Musician’s Project, is the traditional smot genre by Keot Ran.

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This is just a quickie introduction, as I spend hours running away from the biting dogs, dodging the terrible traffic, finding good photos, making minute changes to the website that only matter to me and trying to find the humor in all this.  Of course, I'm also learning the patience of Buddha as I battle the evil Internet gods in Cambodia.  If Buddha had a reliable ISP....ah but then I wouldn't know that patience is one of the virtues that I lack.  

soon!  soon! 

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