Tasty Dog in the Kingdom
Temples, Traffic and Tasty Dogs: A few days in the life of Cambodia

Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life, #7.  Delilah Marie rambles on a cool evening about stuff, revealing what’s so good about the early mornings here, giving a short lesson on the ecosystem of the Tonle Sap Lake (don’t get too excited) and asking questions but giving no answers about one of the hot topics of the day, the arrest of Brother Number 2.     

www.tastydoginthekingdom.com or questions/comments to tastydog@gmail.com.     

The opening music is the haunting PreyKhan from the archives of Cambodia Living Arts (www.cambodianlivingarts.org).   

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Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life, #6.  Delilah Marie returns to the Kingdom. Is it warm and welcoming, or just warm?  This episode covers first impressions of Cambodia after a month away, where to go to stock your refrigerator after it’s been empty for a month, and you can decide whether you want your fish “prepared? when you buy it.  (yes, you do.)  

www.tastydoginthekingdom.com or questions/comments to tastydog@gmail.com.

The music is again from Sen Sisamok from the Best of Cambodian Oldies, Vol 8.  Maybe I’ve been in Cambodia too long, but the more I listen to it, the more attached I get to it.  Do I need to return to Prozac Nation? 

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