Tasty Dog in the Kingdom
Temples, Traffic and Tasty Dogs: A few days in the life of Cambodia

Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodia Life #35.  Delilah Marie recounts some of the Royal Astrologer’s predictions for the upcoming year of the Rat in the Kingdom, tips her hat to the police for their deft handling of a deadly rumor, all of which touches upon the superstition of the Khmer people, and then gives a bit of a background on elections and the legislative set up of the government, peppering fact with some conjecture.  

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The opening music is a lovely srey-srey singing about  - I think and am always proven wrong when I do my own translations – how she can only spend a small bit of time with her boyfriend. 

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Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life #34.  Delilah Marie has made the move to the Big City, then solicits the audience their opinion on a not-so-moral quandary.  There’s a half assed description of Khmer New Year, since it occurs in the hottest part of the year, one can’t be bothered to be a cultural participant.  Finally you can hear a bit about a day trip from Phnom Penh, to another temple and an animal sanctuary.  

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The music, with just a slice of the guitar solo left in, is Ros Sereysothea singing about being sixteen and how much fun it is because everyone loves a 16-year-old girl.  She does rock.  (Though I can imagine her spinning in her Buddhist grave with the thought of all the aging, balding and fat barang men who also have a penchant for those same 16-year-olds…)  


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Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life #33.  Delilah starts this episode off with her secret to long smooth plane flights and a bit of morning noise taped from some weeks ago, just to give a sample of the surrounding noise at 6 am – also note the difference between 6am voice and 6pm voice.  Then she waxes a bit nostalgic about leaving Siem Reap – friends, rice fields and water buffalo – so skip it if you want.  But if you hang in there, you get to hear about the new Landmark of Cambodia.  

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The opening music is back with the favorite, Sen Sisamuth….this little gem is from Cambodia Rocks Volume II.  It says the title is Always Hope, but give a listen and I bet you can figure out what it REALLY is.  If you can’t, I don’t want to know you. 


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Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life #32.  Sorry about the abrupt and explained opening chant…  It’s a famous Buddhist layperson chanting – no, it’s not an auction, though it sounds a bit like it – at the Siem Reap monastery, Wat Damnak, where a very special ceremony is in full swing.  But before getting into the bit about the ceremony, Delilah revels in the fruits of the hot season, being the literal fruits that are in season in March and April, rather than the other fruits of the hot season, including heat rash, sunburn and a general colonial type whining about the heat.  Finally, you get to hear what that three story gold stupa in Wat Damnak is for.

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And then there’s more chanting at the end.  This time it was another Achar (Buddhist layperson) who felt inspired to chant alongside a stream of 300 monks as crowds and crowds of people lined up to offer money, food and water during this special ceremony.  I joined in and was welcomed with smiles and the usual laughter.  But really, nothing compares to changing a $10 bill into a stack of 500 riel notes and then distributing it into the begging bowls of 300 monks.

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