Tasty Dog in the Kingdom
Temples, Traffic and Tasty Dogs: A few days in the life of Cambodia

Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life #67.  Exciting week in the big city, with Delilah talking about the Royal Plowing Ceremony, the King’s birthday and every queen’s week, which is Phnom Penh’s first gay pride.  You can hear how the crops are predicted to do this year,  how old the beloved monarch is and where to go to get some drag queen action of your own.   Only, of course, if you have a “friend”  that is gay and need to offer “them” some suggestions. 

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Sin Sisamuth is singing about his beloved girlfriend in honor of gay pride.  I passed over the I Love Women song, since there really didn’t seem to be all that many lesbians out and about. 

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Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodia Life #66.  Delilah hits on a couple of topics including the incessant powercuts, multitudes of mangoes and the rainy season begins.  Delilah drives by the traffic police then laments about disobeying the law, but justifies it because she is not an over privileged daughter of the rich and powerful and doesn’t drive a lexus. 

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The music today is Sin Sisamuth and Pbaan Roan singing.  I have been unable to puzzle out the lyrics, but I would put money on it that they are talking about love. 

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