Tasty Dog in the Kingdom (Running some errands)
Temples, Traffic and Tasty Dogs: A few days in the life of Cambodia

Tasty Dog in the Kingdom: This Cambodian Life, #6.  Delilah Marie returns to the Kingdom. Is it warm and welcoming, or just warm?  This episode covers first impressions of Cambodia after a month away, where to go to stock your refrigerator after it’s been empty for a month, and you can decide whether you want your fish “prepared? when you buy it.  (yes, you do.)  

www.tastydoginthekingdom.com or questions/comments to tastydog@gmail.com.

The music is again from Sen Sisamok from the Best of Cambodian Oldies, Vol 8.  Maybe I’ve been in Cambodia too long, but the more I listen to it, the more attached I get to it.  Do I need to return to Prozac Nation? 

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